Your Garden is Not a Salad Bar: How to Remove Pests Naturally

June, 2018

It's officially Summer! By now, you probably have a couple of plants in your garden and are remembering why squirrels are much cuter in the winter. The struggle of finding animal-safe ways to repel wildlife without threatening our furry friends can be frustrating. So, we've put together a list to help you deter wildlife from turning your garden into their personal salad bar.

  1. Birds: Send them on their way with Flash Tape, or create a barrier with a light mesh net over your plants.
  2. Cats: Deter stray felines with coffee grounds.
  3. Chipmunks: First, remove all woodpiles or anywhere these little striped guys can hide. Placing mothballs around the garden can help keep them away, but the best solution is to catch and relocate.
  4. Deer: Use row covers, wire cages, or fences to keep out these grazing animals. Human hair, Irish spring, coyote urine, and hot sauce can also act as deterrents, just make sure to replenish every few days.
  5. Groundhogs: Used cat litter, eggs, castor oil, and pepper can help drive these destructive buggers out of their tunnels. Toy snakes can also be effective.
  6. Mice/Voles: Mix slate particles or rodent repellant that contains ammonium into the soil near your plants to keep these pesky critters at bay.
  7. Moles: Castor oil repellent can help chase these creatures out of their holes. Digging trenches and placing a rock or wire barrier can also prevent them from particular areas. There are also ultrasonic devices for purchase that work to drive moles away.
  8. Rabbits: Use a hot-pepper spray as a taste deterrent. Rabbits also hate the smell of human hair or vinegar.
  9. Skunks: Bright lights are known to keep these stinky animals at bay. For an immediate short-term solution, try a cayenne pepper repellant.
  10. Slugs and Snails: Make a trap by pouring beer into a shallow container and sticking it into the ground. They will fall in and not be able to get back out! Or try a copper slug barrier or coffee grounds.
  11. Squirrels: Protect bulbs and seedlings by placing chicken wire over top. Human hair or cayenne pepper mixed into the soil can also deter these bushy-tailed foes.
  12. Other Solutions: Motion activated sprinklers, outdoor cat and/or dog, blood meal, sound (battery-operated radio), or barrier plants along the parameter of your garden are good solutions for most of our forest friends.

If all else fails look into switching to rodent-proof flower bulbs next planting season.