Late Winter Gardening Prep

February, 2018

Depending on your grow zone, late winter prep to-dos will vary. Nevertheless, it's a great time to take inventory and organize your seeds, tools and containers that you'll need once warmer weather arrives. Here are a few things you can do now to ensure a successful spring.

Create A Plan

Browse gardening resources and places of inspiration for refreshing ideas in the upcoming season. After you've been inspired, reflect on the successes of last year and take note of what went well, what did not and why. Use the insights from previous years to help inform your decisions on what you would like to grow this year.

If this is your first gardening season, assess your space (soil, sun exposure, growing zones, etc.), what your growing options are and remember to be realistic with the time and energy you can invest in your garden to set yourself up for the most success. It's okay to start small.

Organize and Order

Take inventory of the tools and seeds you currently have and what you will need to add to your supplies. Now is also the time to sharpen and oil your tools, as well as begin placing your seed and plant orders for spring.

Prune Trees and Bushes

Be sure to prune your trees and bushes before they break dormancy. Start by pruning out the dead and diseased branches and finish by removing the overgrown and smaller branches. The goal of pruning is to develop and maintain the plant's structural line to promote proper growth and enhance its health. Before pruning, remember to research best pruning techniques for each plant to ensure optimal growth and health.