Glow With Gardening

February, 2019

Healthy living can start with something as small as your green thumb! Gardening has immense benefits for the body and the mind. It should be no surprise that connecting with the earth has a positive outcome. However, did you know it can build your immune system, lower stress, encourage weight loss, and even combat loneliness?

Next time you dig your hands in the dirt, you will be brushing your hands with a bacteria (Mycobacterium Vaccae) that acts as a natural anti-depressant. It boosts your mood by increasing your serotonin. So dig in and play in the dirt; It has an amazing calming effect, and your plants will thank you too!

Not only will your mood get a boost, but playing in the dirt can boost your immune system as well! Getting your hands in the soil exposes you to micro-organisms and germs that, over time, help build your immunity, making your immune system more capable of fighting off common sickness and many diseases.

Spending time with your plants can also have a calming effect when you're stressed. Time in the garden after a stressful event refocuses the brain and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is also linked to stubborn fat around the belly. Not only will you be more calm when spending time with your plants, but you can lose some inches around your waist too!

Talking to your plants is pretty common, but fighting loneliness won't magically happen just hanging out with your hastas; it also involves using your talents to help your neighbors and community. Venture out of your garden and help neighbors with their green thumb! It will be great way to socialize, and it is always nice to help others. Plus, no one ever minds learning another great gardening tip or two!

Or, build a fairy garden or indoor plant garden in one of Bloem's Plant Bowls. Whether you're a newbie to gardening or have had a green thumb for years, now you have even more reasons to enjoy your plants!