A DIY Fall Foliage Container Recipe

October, 2018

Decorating your home for fall and before Thanksgiving can be fun and easy. As you walk around your yard or take your kids for a hike, gather and keep those fall colored leaves, branches, acorns, and berries. While gathering, you can play "guess the type of leaf" with your kids or grandkids and turn it into a fun learning experience. Or jumping in a raked-up pile of leaves is always fun, too!

This time of year, you can remove dead plants and flowers from pots and replace them with branches of leaves, rose hip, red twig dogwood, or maple. Then just accent with acorns, gourds and pumpkins.

At Bloem, we love to get creative during the fall. Here is an easy DIY recipe to make your porch pop and all your friends jealous of your creativity!

Urn Pumpkin Topiary Recipe:

  • One 18" Bloem Black Grecian Urn
  • Three or four large, medium, and small pumpkins
  • We used a variety of pumpkin types: blue/grey jarrahdale, white lumina, and orange variety hooligan
  • One 5/8" Wood Dowel, 3' or 4' high (will depend on height of your pumpkins in container)
  • One Bloem Ups-A-Daisy Round 16" or 17"
  • Fall twigs, leaves, vines and branch berries
  • Potting Soil or rocks (just to add weight)
  • Glue gun
  • Power Drill


  1. Take the 18" Bloem Black Grecian Urn and add the topsoil or rocks to the bottom for weight. Do not fill all the way to top. Place in the Ups-A-Daisy.
  2. Place the dowel through the middle hole of the Ups-A-Daisy and secure in soil or rock.
  3. Drill hole in the bottom and top of the largest pumpkin. Place through dowel and place pumpkin on top of the Ups-A-Daisy.
  4. Add leaves and twigs around the top and use a glue gun if needed to set them in place.
  5. Drill a hole through the bottom and top of the next pumpkin, place dowel through and have sit on pumpkin. Add more leaves and berries with glue gun.
  6. Drill a hole through bottom and top of small pumpkin and place dowel through (or continue routine until you are done with your pumpkins with smallest at the top).
  7. Put the final touches of leaves and berries using a glue gun to keep them in place during windy days.

Note: Know that drilling through the pumpkin will make the pumpkin rot faster. You can also saw off the stems, and just stack the pumpkins to last longer if needed.

And now, you can enjoy your very own beautiful fall pumpkin topiary for your front porch or balcony, to be admired by all!