A DIY Macramé Hanging Shelf that Showcases Your Style

April 8, 2019

Do you have a corner of your house that needs just a little something extra? Looking for an easy and customizable project that will take less than an hour? This hanging shelf is right for you! Requiring only two supplies and an afternoon of your time, you can display your Bloem planters in a new and beautiful way. Here's how to get started:

Materials Needed:


Picture of a wooden wheel and scissors

1. Start by determining how high up you want your hanging shelf to land. Measure that distance from the ceiling and add approximately two to three feet to that length. If you want the 'tails' that hang underneath you shelf to be shorter, add only two feet. If you want these tails to be longer, add at least three.

Picture of a wooden wheel and rope

2. Measure out four pieces of rope to be this determined length.

Picture of a wooden wheel and hands holding rope

3. Tie the four pieces into a knot a couple inches from one end of the ropes.

Picture of a wooden wheel and hands tying rope

4. Tie the four pieces into another knot approximately one to two feet from the other end of the ropes.

Picture of hands hanging a wooden wheel

5. Take these one to two feet and begin to fray them by separating where the two strands of the rope coil around each other.

Picture of hanging wooden wheel

6. Optional: Paint or stain the wooden disk to fit your liking! We left it the natural pine wood color to match our beautiful, natural succulents.

Balanced wooden wheel with Bloem planters

7. Hang the rope from a hook embedded in your ceiling and place the disk inside the ropes, being supported by one rope on each side and the knot underneath.

8. Make sure it's evenly balanced and start placing your planters!