5 Houseplants for Low Light Interiors

October, 2017

One of the most frustrating parts of being houseplant-obsessed is trying to fit as many plants as possible into the sunniest spots in the house. Areas like bathrooms and back corners are often left plant-less because of their less-than-optimal natural light. Luckily, there are a whole host of houseplants than not only survive but also thrive in low light conditions, so all of us with darker living spaces can rejoice! Here are a few of our favorite low light houseplants:

Philodendron — Possibly one of the most popular houseplants, the philodendron is a go-to plant for a reason. This low fuss vine thrives in low light, plus its leafy vines can be planted in a hanging basket or trained to climb up trellises and walls.

Pothos — Similar in looks to the philodendron, the pothos is another houseplant that loves low light. They are amazingly easy to propagate; cuttings can live their entire lives in a jar of water. Prune the ends of a pothos plant regularly to encourage more leaves along the stem and to prevent it from getting too leggy.

ZZ Plant — Looking for something ultra low maintenance? Look no further than the super laid back ZZ plant. The ZZ is a perfect choice for dark, neglected corners. It doesn't need to be watered often, so if you're a frequent traveler or just forgetful this glossy-leaved houseplant is right up your alley.

Boston Fern — Add some drama and volume to an empty space with a bright green Boston fern. Their stunning-colored foliage and easy-care requirements make these a great choice for any low light space that needs some added drama. Help your Boston fern thrive by keeping it away from drafts and air vents.

Snake Plant — Also sometimes called "Mother-In-Law's Tongue," the snake plant is the gold standard for low light plants. This striking houseplant also keeps the air in your home clean by filtering out toxins. Keep one in a bathroom or bedroom for ultimate air purifying properties and let the soil dry between watering.